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May. 8th, 2005 @ 09:51 am friendly salutations
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hello one and all. i just figured out how to post in this community thing - sorry that it took so long. i've been a so-called member forever but i never officially announced myself to everyone. so lets go...

i'm whitney sheets and i'm a junior at uhs. i'm in choraliers and will be next year as well.

speaking of choraliers, please attend the Choralier's Show, entitled the Rat Race. It's a musical that the Choraliers wrote, directed and produced. we wrote all of the dialogue and added in previously written songs to flavor the story. the plot is basically that there are seven teams of various makeups all racing to find the hidden million dollars. it's really going fabulously. so if you can, please come out and see us.

Choralier's Show: The Rat Race, 7pm, RHS/UHS auditorium, $5.

thanks for having me rose!
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